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WhatsApp Service

07534 659247

Send your technical questions to our WhatsApp service available 9am to 4pm, Monday to Friday (not including bank holidays).

This number is for technical questions only, for all other enquiries contact our Customer Services on 01268 546 546 and they will be pleased to help you.

In order to assist us in answering your questions as accurately as possible we require you to provide as much information you have about the item via WhatsApp.

  • Your name and company (if applicable)
  • A good description of the piece including metal type, type and size of any gemstones if known.
  • Approximate age of the item.
  • Any damage you have noticed to the metal or stones.
  • Your question.
  • Images of the item from all relevant angles.
  • To photograph the item place it on a plain white background, paper will suffice, in a well lit area.
    Make sure the item is in focus before taking the picture. Check the image by zooming in
    and ensuring the image is clear enough to show detail. Take at least on shot with the item next to a measure.

    photograph your jewellery next to a ruler or tape measure

    All estimates and advice given using WhatsApp are for guidance only. All items need to be sent to us for a thorough assessment before we can issue a definite estimate that includes a description of the problem and cost of repair.

    To send the item to us please use insured post, include your item, written enquiry, full contact details including mobile number and email address. Use secure packaging and tape any loose stones to your paperwork.

    Send to:

    Attn. WA Support
    Maker Mends Ltd
    PO BOX 6003
    Essex SS15 6BX