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Jewellery Repair Estimates

We provide an Estimate Service for items not on the price list. We have a specialist department for estimates: This allows our experienced assessors the time needed to fully determine the condition of the piece and the work required. We will also advise on any work that was not necessarily noted when the item was taken in. We provide a firm quote without any hidden extras and an approximation of the time the work will take to complete. We detail all the work needed so you can explain the charges to your customers. We charge £4.00 for estimates that are requested and not proceeded to cover the time taken for the assessment and our administrative costs.

Estimates take up to 5 working days. Shops can decide how they would prefer to receive the quote either via telephone, email or fax. Our preferred method is via email, if this is possible, as this provides a record of communications that can be referred to in the event of a query.

Watch Estimates

All watches that request an estimate will incur a £4.00 charge if the job is not proceeded and returned undone. Estimates that don't require the removal of the watch back are free of charge.

Part Job Estimates

If a watch is sent in for a part job and it is found to require more work that requested to repair the watch to working order; we will contact your store and see if your customer wants an estimate to repair the watch to working order.

If an estimate is given but not proceeded, a £4.00 charge will be made.

Amended Estimates- on the occasion of:

  1. A technician, who is about to start work on a proceeded estimate, observing an issue that was not originally quoted for or
  2. After work has started on a proceeded estimate issues are revealed that require us to reassess the accepted estimate.

We will contact you to discuss the amended estimate before continuing with the work, there is no charge for this service.

If you would like to discuss our estimate options please contact our Customer Services Department on 01268 546 546.