Maker Mends Ltd can engrave a wide variety
of objects in many styles.
Engraved Plaque
engraved plaque
Engraved Glass

engraved glass
Photo Engraving
example of photo engraving
Engraved Ring
engraved ring
Seal Engraving

seal engraving
Engraved Cufflinks
engraved cufflinks
Engraved Tankard
engraved tankard
Our engraving department can offer the main types of engraving including - Hand, Machine, Computer, Seal, Photo, Glass and Handwriting.
Hand Engraving - Can be used on most surfaces with the exception of steel, glass and stone. This offers the most options, designs such as company logos, inscriptions and motifs such as animals, family crests and signatures can all be matched . Text can be engraved in any font. This is a more expensive option than machine engraving. Work can take a minimum of 2 weeks.
Machine Engraving - Can be used on more surfaces including glass and steel. This is the most common form of engraving but it has its limitations as it is restricted to certain fonts, normally script and block, single or two line, this is adequate for most standard jewellery e.g. Signet Rings, I.D. Bracelets, Tankards, Lockets etc. We can also engrave inside wedding rings by machine. The process takes approximately 7 days.
Glass Engraving - Is restricted by the shape of the item and whether it can be fitted on the machine.
Computer Engraving - Can be used on a variety of surfaces including glass, plastic, steel and all other metals used in jewellery. As well as standard engraving we can do company logos, signatures and engrave in different languages.
Seal Engraving - This is most commonly a family crest which is engraved into a signet ring. Most people submit a sample of the crest to be engraved however, we can locate crests if necessary. It is a specialist skill and because of the cost involved these items always require an estimate. The engraving takes approximately. 6-8 weeks.
Club Badges - We can engrave club badges.
Photograph Engraving - We can engrave images from photographs onto any flat metal surface.
Original Designs - We can engrave your or your customers designs
Handwriting engraving - We can scan examples of handwriting and use that as a font for engraving.