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*Dedicated Account Managers
*Award Winning
*1 To 1 Bespoke Service
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50 Good Reasons why you should use Maker-Mends Ltd

images of Jewellery made by Maker-Mends Ltd
  1. Award winning Company providing a complete jewellery and watch repair service all under one roof in our U.K. facility.
  2. We are the U.K. service centre for a number of worldwide brands.
  3. Our office staff are knowledgeable, friendly and approachable.
  4. Dedicated Account Managers with direct dial numbers and own email address.
  5. We operate a customer orientated service adapting our procedures to meet your specific needs.
  6. We have flexible repair and invoicing systems to suit your requirements.
  7. Every item to be worked on has a bar code sticker which is scanned as it passes into each department. This means items can be readily located and progress monitored in real time.
  8. We take a digital image of every job and document all information to keep on record in case of future queries.
  9. If needed, we offer a "Speedmend" service so that urgent basic repairs are completed on the day they arrive with us (at extra cost).
  10. If required, we offer a fast Hallmarking service (extra cost).
  11. Insured collection and delivery service (including high value items) from a leading business courier service.
  12. We hold a full industry Jeweller and Watch Business Insurance which includes cover for high value items.
  13. We provide free of charge estimates for proceeded jewellery repairs not on our price list.
  14. We have a specialist department for estimates. This allows our experienced assessors the time needed to fully determine the condition of the piece and the work required.
  15. We have a large workforce of highly skilled, experienced bench workers guaranteeing top quality workmanship.
  16. Our flexible employees are willing to work extra hours to accommodate urgent repairs.
  17. We hold a large stock of gemstones and findings enabling us to turn repairs around as quickly as possible.
  18. We have the ability to handle short notice high volume repairs.
  19. We invest in the latest technology to enhance our services 3D scanner, 3D printer and Laser Welders.
  20. Our dedicated Bespoke Department provides a one to one personal service with design assistance if required.
  21. We 3D scan engagement rings to make exactly fitted wedding bands.
  22. We offer a CAD design service so fully rendered designs can be viewed from every angle before manufacture of the piece.
  23. We employ skilled wax carvers to produce hand carved waxes of your designs.
  24. We have our own workshop in Thailand this enables us to produce competitively priced beautiful bespoke pieces.
  25. Our Polishing Department offers all types of final finish including plain polishing, sand blast, matte and satin.
  26. images from the workshop of Maker-mends ltd
  27. We plate metals including silver, re-guilding, rhodium plate, black rhodium plate, hard silver plate, hard gold plate and palladium plate.
  28. Our setters can undertake all setting styles including Claw Setting, Grain Setting, Rub over, Pave, Channel, Illusion, Star Setting, Invisible Setting, Suspension Setting, Countersunk and Micro Pavé.
  29. Competitively priced gemstone supply including certificated diamonds. We can supply stones on approbation for your customers approval before setting.
  30. We can re-polish or recut gemstones, including diamonds, to remove wear, chips or scratches.
  31. Our Engraving Department can do all types of engraving including hand engraving, photo engraving and seal engraving, on a variety of surfaces.
  32. All work is inspected in our Quality Control Department before return. This ensures that the work has been completed as described on the repair instructions and that the finish is to the highest standard possible.
  33. Our Watch Department is a Swatch approved Omega workshop. We are service providers for Bulova watches.
  34. As well as general watch repairs we provide a prestige watch refurbishment service.
  35. We pressure test and reseal Dive Watches on leading watch brands including, Rolex, Tag, Omega, Breitling and Cartier to the manufacturers specification.
  36. We replace batteries and reseal the case to make water resistant for watches designed for this purpose.
  37. We overhaul watches by cleaning, replacing or rebuilding worn parts.
  38. We have facilities to help with the training of your staff and encourage workshop visits.
  39. We produce training manuals, storyboards, videos and other educational media to help with your staff training.
  40. We run a free Training Day and invite the staff of our customers to attend.
  41. We use social media to help educate and provide useful information about the different technical procedures used for Jewellery and Watch repairs.
  42. We are members of the National Association of Jewellers.
  43. Maker Mends Ltd and Maker Mends Thailand are Certified Members of the Responsible Jewellery Council, both facilities conform to the RJC's Code of Practice for business ethics, human rights, social and environmental performance.
  44. We have a very secure facility. 90 camera CCTV system including 4k ultra high definition covering the items as they arrive into the building and go through their processing in the different departments and finally packed up for return to you.
  45. Secure entry systems, no admission of unauthorised persons.
  46. Fully alarmed facility monitored by a reputable alarm company. Laser beam intruder detectors across the ceiling, impact alert detection on all outside walls.
  47. Safes bolted to the ground for extra security.
  48. Multiple CCTV outside the building, security lighting all round the building.
  49. We are happy for you to send items to trial our service.
  50. We have a dedicated Whatsapp number for quick answers to technical questions: 07534 659247
  51. Although we are the largest repairers in Europe we never forget that every piece that comes to us, whatever the value, is precious to your customer. Each item isn't just a number for us, it has a story.

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