We take a digital image of every item before work is started,
this is kept on file as a reference.
Useful Advice

Listed below is ideal information we need on the repair dockets to help process your repairs efficiently:
  • Your store number followed by the job number.
  • Your shop branch name, the address and telephone number.
  • Your name so that in event of a query we know who to speak to.
  • If the job is a Speed Mend (three day turnaround- additional fee £7.80 per repair)
  • The customer's name, address and contact number.
  • The date you accept the repair.
  • The date you dispatch the repair.
  • The date the items is required back in the shop.
  • If the item is required for a special occasion i.e. holiday, engagement, wedding, anniversary, birthday etc write this down including the date of the event.
  • Approximate value this is the maximum amount the customer can claim in the event of the item being lost or stolen. This should be equal to the replacement value of the item.
  • Check the hallmark with an eyeglass to determine type of metal note this down. In the absence of a hallmark write down the colour yellow or white.(See the Hallmark section for further information).
  • Note the colour of any stones.
  • Describe the item type e.g. ring, bangle, cufflink or any special finish etc
  • Describe work required. Listen to the customer's description of the fault.
  • Examine general condition with eyeglass and record observations and discuss with customer your observations.
  • If helpful draw a simple sketch to indicate location of problem.
  • Print clearly any words and numbers to be engraved, check spellings and get customer to approve instructions are correct. Specify style (see engraving card).
  • Check general condition of the item for dents and scratches and make a note of any damage.
  • If work required is not on the price lists indicate clearly that the item being sent in for a free of charge estimate.
  • Indicate if a valuation certificate is required. (Fees apply see price list) Write any further comments you may have that are not covered on the repair docket e.g. any customer concerns.
  • Get your customer to read through the repair docket and sign to show acceptance of the contents.
Below is an example of a repair docket and a guide on how to fill in the different sections
repair docket
repair docket guide