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A bangle refers to wrist jewellery that is not made of links but a band of metal which is either a complete circle with no joins- Slave bangle or is not jointed and has a gap between ends- Torque bangle. Both of these are slipped over the hand onto the wrist. Hinged bangles have hinges and clasps which allow the bangle to open up before being slipped on to the wrist.

Slave Bangle
A slave bangle
Torque Bangle
A torque bangle

Bangles can be either Solid or Hollow both types can be repaired, extended, shortened and any patterns matched as best as possible . The method is similar to ring sizing. A cut is made in the metal and a piece is either removed or added according to the procedure required. The ends are rejoined by soldering. We recommend any bangle that is stone set is sent in for an estimate before work is carried out. The fact that hollow bangles are made up from hollow tubes of metal makes them prone to dents, only small dents can be removed. With torque bangles the join is not as strong as in other bangles due to the pressure put on the join when the bangle is being put on or removed.

Hinged Bangle
A hinged bangle
Stone Set Bangle
A stone set bangle

Hinged bangles all have some form of clasp or hinge to join the two ends of the bangle. These can be repaired or replaced as required. The different clasps used include Box and Tongue Clasp, sometimes these are referred to as the Male and Female ends and a Figure of 8 Clasp. The hinged part of the bangle is made up of a tube - usually in 3 sections with a rivet running through. All can be repaired.