Maker Mends Ltd provides a free of charge estimate
for repairs that are more intricate.
Revolving Clasp
a revolving clasp
Roller Catch
an s-catch
brooch back
brooch back

Brooch Wire and Chain
safety brooch and chain
Brooch Pin
brooch pin
Safety Wire
safety wire
Estimate only - Due to the wide variety of metals, styles, stones and finishes we recommend that, in most cases, it is best to send the brooch in for a free of charge estimate before any work is carried out. If the brooch is made of a precious metal only (gold, silver or platinum) and not stone set most work can be carried out. If the broken parts cannot be repaired they are removed. The replacement section is made and soldered back in to position. Pins and safety chains can normally be replaced without interfering with other parts. If the brooch is stone set then depending on the condition of the setting and the types of stones (a lot of brooches are set with pearls for example soldering can be very difficult. Some costume jewellery can be repaired , new pins can be fitted, but most cannot be soldered. The metal is very soft and often the stones are glass and cannot be heated.
Catches The most common style is a revolving clasp. All catches will need soldering to fit onto a brooch and the issues raised above need to be considered.
Pins and Hinges -The pin of a brooch is normally made of a hardened wire, this stops it from bending and gives it more spring. They are usually held on to the brooch by a hinge and riveted into position. Sometimes the hinge also can be worn and needs replacing , this can cause problems so it is always best to look carefully at the condition of the hinge before quoting for a pin only . The golden rule is if in any doubt send for a free of charge estimate.
Safety Chains - Usually held on to a brooch by a small jump ring or eyelet. If this has worn away , depending on the brooch they can be resoldered taking into account the design as discussed above. If soldering is a problem we can get around this by soldering an eyelet on to the hinge end of a pin .The other possibility is to wrap the jump ring end of the safety chain around part of the brooch if the design allows this option.