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external parts of a watch

Watch Bracelets- This refers to the part of the watch that includes the strap and the clasp. It is usually fitted to the watch by spring lugs or soldered directly on to the case. If the bracelet is made of gold , silver or platinum we are able to repair or replace most sections. Clasps can be repaired by rebuilding worn sections, replacing missing parts, adding features such as safety clasps, we can also extend ladders. We can recondition worn bracelets by tightening any loose links and finish the surface of the bracelet to look like new. We can, in most cases, repair the actual links of the bracelet. Where a bracelet is badly damaged normally at the case or clasp end, we can either solder solid or remove the damaged area and add extensions either side of the clasp. When a bracelet is too short we can also lengthen it. These processes require an estimate.

Metal Bracelets- with non precious metals such as Stainless Steel, Gold Plated and Silver Plated, if the parts are available,we can adjust the length of most bracelets by either removing or adding links. We can replace the bracelet if badly damaged, repair or replace the clasp. We can replace spring lugs and their covers. We can attach safety chains.

Lugs- These are the extensions that attach the bracelet to the case, they sometimes snap off or wear. These can be rebuilt or replaced.

Watch case- We can replace most buttons and stems, watch glass and where necessary whole watch movements both mechanical(non battery) and quartz (battery powered). We can overhaul, repaint dials, replace hands and refit loose batons(numbers).

Watch Glass- We can supply standard round mineral glass and perspex. Non standard glass that needs to be hand cut will require an estimate.

presure testing a watch

Batteries/ Reseal- We can replace batteries and also reseal the case to make water resistant on those watches designed for this. The gasket is replaced and the watch is placed in a dry pressure testing chamber which is programmed to seal the watch at the level required. A certificate showing the water resistance depth is issued with every watch that is resealed.

Dive Watches- We pressure test and reseal Dive Watches and many of the leading watch brands that include, Rolex, Tag, Omega, Breitling and Cartier to the manufacturers specification up to 125 bar (1,250 metres).

View a video of a Dive Watch Pressure Test.

Overhaul- Firstly the movement comes out of the case, the hands and dial are removed. With a mechanical watch the mainspring is let down to take the power off, with a quartz watch the battery is removed. Then the movement is stripped down i.e. train wheels are removed, motion work and date work taken off. With a mechanical watch the balance has it's end stones and jewel hole's removed.
After that every part is examined for wear (at this point any worn parts are replaced with new) the parts are put into a watch basket and cleaned in a watch cleaning machine. After this process the watch is re-assembled and oiled and then put on a timer to regulate and put on "beat".
The movement is then put back into the case and bench tested.

before and after shots of a watch refurbishment

Prestige Watch Refurbishment- The department provides a prestige Watch Case and Bracelet refurbishment service. All makes including Rolex, Tag, Omega, Breitling, and Cartier can be made to look like new. Retailers who sell pre-owned prestigious watches will benefit from our service as a refurbished watch that has been returned to its original or close to its original condition will command a better price. Retailers can offer the service to their customers who own prestigious watches that may have scratched or damaged case/bracelet and would like it returned to its original or close to its original condition when first purchased.

View a video of a Watch Refurbishment.

U.K. Service Centre- Maker-Mends Ltd is an approved OMEGA Service Support centre.

If you are a watch distributor that needs a UK based service centre please contact our Watch Department:
Tel: 01268 564657
Fax: 01268- 546 100