If your customer has lost one of a pair of cufflinks, we can offer
a bespoke service to recreate the missing cufflink.
Swivel Fitting
swivel fitting
Chain Link
chain link
Torpedo and Button
silver torpedo and button cufflinks
Front Plates
front plates
Cufflinks - are comprised of two main sections the plate(the decorative part) which is soldered onto a fitting which threads through the button holes in the cuffs of a shirt. These fittings are usually a swivel back or chain links, the chain links attach to a torpedo or another plain plate.
Swivel fitting - When the springs lose their tension the whole section needs to be replaced but it is very difficult to match up to the original fitting so either both fittings need to be replaced or the customer must accept a non matching pair. The rivet that holds the rotating arm can sometimes wear out, this is easily replaced as long as the spring inside is not damaged.
Chain links - The eyelets that hold the chain can wear as will the chains themselves,usually both can be either rebuilt or replaced.
Front plates - Sometimes these fall off, we can resolder or replace most designs. We can also hand or machine engrave most plain plates.