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Code of Conduct

Maker-Mends Ltd is committed to the highest standards and promises to abide by the fundamental values that underpin all the activities of this organisation.


  1. Regardless of their positions within Maker-Mends Ltd, we expect the business behaviour of all employees to conform to these statements at all times.
  2. Provide quality products and services, delivered on time and at competitive prices.
  3. We are sensitive to all forms of conflict of interest.
  4. Our business practices are in accordance with our standards and we hold any outside consultants and representatives to the same high standards.
  5. All company operations and products are safe and environmentally sound.
  6. We communicate with competitors only under appropriate circumstances and in strict accordance with law.

Integrity and Honesty:

  1. These will be the benchmarks of all conduct when dealing with colleagues within Maker-Mends Ltd and equally when dealing with individuals, customers and suppliers.
  2. Maker-Mends Ltd is committed to providing high quality products and services at competitive prices. We are forthright and honest in our communications and transactions with customers.
  3. We encourage competition and at the same time value long term relationships with our suppliers.
  4. Maker-Mends Ltd strives to maintain an atmosphere of openness throughout the organisation to promote confidence of customers, suppliers and staffs.
  5. Our employees are the Company's most valued resource. As such, we are committed to treating one another fairly and to providing a inspiring work environment.
  6. We respect each other's privacy and treat each other with dignity and respect.

Personal Gain & Protecting the Organisation's Reputation:

  1. All employees in this organisation will not speak to the media or in public forum without prior knowledge and approval from the Company Directors.
  2. Will respect all organisational and individual confidentiality. This includes keeping all emails confidential, unless express permission is given by the Company Directors to share them with others.
  3. Maker-Mends Ltd is committed to the highest standards of ethical conduct and integrity in its business activities in the UK and overseas. We will not tolerate any forms of bribery by our employees, agents or consultants or any person or body acting on our behalf.
  4. This policy applies to all employees, directors and officers of this Organisation and to temporary workers, consultants, contractors, agents and subsidiaries acting for us or on our behalf ("Associated persons") within the UK and overseas.
  5. Any breach of this policy is likely to constitute a serious disciplinary and criminal matter for the individual concerned and may cause serious damage to the reputation and standing of this Organisation.
  6. This Organisation prohibits employees or associated persons from offering, promising, giving, soliciting or accepting any bribe.
  7. This prohibition also applies to indirect contributions, payments or gifts made in any manner as an inducement or reward for improper conduct.

Review Date: March 2025